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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by listening to how others are finding their experience. We suspect it's a cover for freelancer Steve Folland to have some company once a week as he chats to others about being freelance. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Tweet Chat - Social Media Consultant Pippa Akram

    Pippa created a freelance social media business when she saw the need. The need of businesses local to her and the need of her family for her to have flexible hours. In amongst her story, 'Social Pip' shares her tips for using local or industry niche Tweet Chats to grow your network and business online. Plus we hear how she reigns in potenial growth to stay true to the reason she went freelance in the first place.

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    Content To Grow - Copywriter Kelly Gilmour-Grassam

    Having begun freelancing whilst still at university, Kelly realised if she was going to be doing this for the next 40 years then she needed a plan. She needed to build a business that would increase her income beyond her own billable hours and that would keep her enjoying it. Crowned young IPSE Freelancer Of The Year 2015, Kelly shares great freelance tips and insight as she outsourced, took on an employee, joined trade bodies and more so that her company 'Making You Content' was making her content as well.

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    Mused by Mouse - Graphic Designer Millie Cooper

    There's nothing quiet about this Mouse. Millie's love of graphic and web design is amplified by her passion for business itself. Millie shares great tips for using Instagram and LinkedIn to grow. Plus, from her base in Sydney, hear how she's built a remote team of freelancers around the world to help evolve 'Design By Mouse' even further.

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    Diversify - Digital Trainer Ben Halsall

    There's a lot in here: how Ben carved out a name for himself when moving to a new country; how he diversified his offering so he could be location independent and protected for the future; how he developed online training in various forms and uses YouTube for marketing and income.

    And yet through it all... with much honesty, admits he isn't always motivated at all.

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    Just Get On With It - Illustrator Sarah McIntyre

    How do you go from working for a Russian newspaper to creating successful picture books? By getting on with it! Sarah doesn't wait for things to happen, she makes them happen. Hear how she gets stuck in with communities on and offline, challenges herself, promotes herself and fights the corner for up and coming freelance illustrators too.

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    Flash Arghhhhh - Animator Timmy Allen

    When his band broke up, he learned Flash. When Flash was killed by Apple (arrrrghhh!), he taught himself After Effects. When his little girl came along, he started learning how to juggle freelancing and his family. Now, he's wondering what's next. In this episode Timmy shares great freelance tips on putting your work out there, nailing accurate time and budget estimates and being proactively creative to get new work with old clients.

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    Growing - Social Media Consultant Alison Battisby

    Alison began in social media at the beginning of social media itself, setting up the first Facebook pages for major brands. From within agencies, she sowed the seeds for a successful freelance career: now managing, training and speaking for a range of clients. Now those seeds have sprouted Avocado Social. As a brand she's growing in confidence, growing her team and growing her audience. Hear how she markets herself and Avocado and finally enjoys the fruits of her labour.

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    A Brush With Success - Illustrator Kyle T. Webster

    Kyle built up a successful career as a freelance illustrator for major advertising agencies and the likes of The New Yorker... and then he had kids. He soon realised he needed to create things on a bigger scale and that took him on a fascinating journey of trial and error with digital products of various kinds. Now, illustrators around the world create their work using his Adobe Photoshop brushes. See what you can draw from his experiences.

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    Got Your Triangle In Shape? - Photographer Phill Allen

    Hear how university lecturer 'Mister Phill' reluctantly photographed a wedding... and then another... and then... well, seven years later chats to us. His 'triangular' approach to client acquisition is really worth thinking about for your own freelance business.

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    Be Visible - Brand Strategist Kaye Putnam

    As a US military wife, being freelance suits Kaye perfectly. Wherever in the world she might find herself, she has the ability to work remotely with clients to help them build their brands. She shares really great tips on remote working, branding and how she's used content marketing to build her business.

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