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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Don't Panic - Virtual Assistant Jess Ostroff

    Jess knew she wanted to work on her own terms. What she didn't know, was what a virtual assistant was. And yet when an opportunity came up to be one, to work remotely and become freelance... she jumped at it. As years went by the amount of work started to overwhelm her. So she hired her own virtual assistants to help out... and her company Don't Panic Management was born.

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    Untamed Freelancing - Copywriter Karen Marston

    It feels like Karen is being freelance on her terms. With her own voice, her own style. Stress free. Quite possibly in pyjamas. Here we chat about how she got started as a copywriter, how she got started making money from courses helping other writers and how she got finished with trying to be a digital nomad.

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    Creative Mandate - Illustrator Michelle Kondrich

    Through podcasts Michelle gained the knowledge and confidence to quit the 9-to-5 and start being freelance... and now years later her own podcast Creative Playdate is helping herself and others navigate being freelance, whilst also being a parent. From starting out, reaching out and figuring it out as a freelance mum.

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    Just keep meeting people! - Podcast producer Matt Hill

    At the heart of Matt's freelance success are other people. Sure, of course he's good at what he does. He's not just made podcasts, he's both made and seized opportunities. But more importantly he's made connections when he's met people.

    Put simply: the more people you meet, the more chance you have of working with them in the future. Be that fellow freelancers or potential clients. Just keep meeting people!

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    Taking time for yourself - Virtual Assistant Annie Browne

    Tidying her child's room Annie suddenly found a name for a business. With it she found a way to make work fit with family, she found meaningful work in a remote location and found a community of other freelancers to help her along the way. Now all she has to do is find time for herself...

    Hear Annie's journey as self-employed virtual assistant 'Hello My PA', becoming one of the freelance heroes.

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    Take yourself seriously - Photographer Natalie Field

    If you don't take yourself seriously, why would your clients? South African photographer and digital artist Natalie chats about making connections, hiring other freelancers, expanding her services and wrestling with being a workaholic learning when to say 'no'.

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    "I feel like I know you" - Social Marketing Consultant Sam Burgess

    'Social Mouth' Sam has a story of reinvention, investment, belief and community. We hear about the power of Instagram Stories and her podcast in helping people get to know her. The benefits of a business coach. And the impact that ill health, a dog and a dad can have on your future.

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    Reinvent Yourself - Illustrator/Designer Dan Bramall

    When Dan was made redundant two weeks before his second child was born, he knew failure wasn't an option. He had to make a success of being freelance. We chat about how he's made that happen - his coworking studio, networking and adapting to a changing world - always learning new skills, reinventing.. and never with his shirt tucked in.

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    Secrets of Sharing - Social Media Consultant Uli Schulz

    For German freelancer Uli, it all started with sharing. Using Twitter to share and make reality her dream of living and working in London. Since then she's been sharing work spaces, sharing in communities, sharing thoughts, groups, content, challenges, knowledge and now she shares it with us.

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    Freelancing on the side - Web Developer Carson Shold

    Carson has always freelanced on the side. Chasing the cash and the creativity that freelance opportunities would bring whilst still studying or working full time. He's learned how to find the good clients, set expectations, communicate and avoid work overload (eventually).

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