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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Building a Community - Social Media Consultant Tia Meyers

    After being made redundant Tia Meyers didn't just take her experience of social media and start being freelance. She also decided to take it and grow a community of other freelancing females. 2 years on, we chat about the many lessons learnt both in adjusting her services, getting paid and work-life balance AND from growing a Facebook Group of 8000 members with meet ups globally. Enjoy!

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    Instagram Success Story - Photographer Ron Timehin

    Ron's success as a freelancer stems from talent, hard work, generosity, seizing opportunities and... Instagram. The app is at the heart of it all. Giving him the confidence to be a pro photographer. Finding an audience and community. Bringing him to the attention of big brands and opening doors that he's more than eager to burst through. The power of putting yourself out there and making and taking opprtunities shines through.

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    Raison d'être - Developer Elliot Taylor

    Elliot doesn't shy away from making a change in his life. After a string of non-coding jobs, he self-taught himself WordPress and became a freelance developer. From that he built up a successful agency - Raison. But when fatherhood beckoned he stripped back the pressure of being a boss to freelance once more. More flexibility, more time for his family. And plenty more to hear about too...

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    Plans change and that's okay - Artist Roxanne Coble

    Roxanne is a planner. She plans what she's doing with her business 'by bun' two years ahead. TWO YEARS. And yet she'd never planned to be an artist. She spent six years in a proper zero-creativity job before realising she could make a living through her art. And she's done that by growing an audience who enjoy her content across various social media platforms. Who support her, both socially and financially. But she realises plans can change, things change. And that's okay.

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    The Passive Income Wake Up Call - Copywriter Kayla Hollatz

    Not long out of college, Kayla quit her PR job to become self-employed. She was seduced by the 'one to many' infopreneurs - making money online from being an expert, selling courses etc. The dream of passive income soon became a nightmare of over-work in order to keep her sales funnel topped up. After a year of crazy 80-90 hour weeks she switched from products to services and became a freelance copywriter. Now she has the lifestyle freedom she was craving.

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    Make yourself unavoidable - Ben the Illustrator

    Ben O'Brien, started out as an illustator and animator, even forming a successful studio. But he started to get drawn away from the creative side of things in order to manage projects and people. So he went solo and 'Ben the Illustrator' was born. Ben tells us about being there for his family, making connections to peers around the world through an awesome survey and knocking on doors and using side projects and social media to make himself unavoidable.

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    Making Connections - Graphic Designer Amber Asay

    A few years ago Amber Asay felt like she'd failed at being a freelancer. Hear what changed. What she learned from being back in full time work, how she worked freelance on the side, grew her portfolio, experience, bank balance and most importantly her network. Because now, in 2018 she can't think of a better time to be a freelancer.

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    Create Your Own Rules - Brand Strategist Jenni Heffernan Brown

    Jenni Heffernan Brown has had a pretty interesting path to freelancing success. Working for mega corporations, then to graduate school with a bit of freelancing on the side, and now teaming up with another freelancer to form an agency. We chat about the importance of 'systems, systems, systems', taking time for your own creative projects, letting go by using other freelancers, taking time off and the secret to letting potential clients know what it's like to work with you.

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    Bringing Side Projects to the Centre - Developer Mark Steadman

    Mark's been freelancing on and off for years in between spells in companies, agencies and even running startups.

    He's always had side projects. And whether or not they're a 'success', the experience still feeds back into his freelance skills. But now he's bringing his podcasting project in from the side to be centre stage, giving it more 'full time' attention to make it the focus of his business.

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    Don't Panic - Virtual Assistant Jess Ostroff

    Jess knew she wanted to work on her own terms. What she didn't know, was what a virtual assistant was. And yet when an opportunity came up to be one, to work remotely and become freelance... she jumped at it. As years went by the amount of work started to overwhelm her. So she hired her own virtual assistants to help out... and her company Don't Panic Management was born.

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