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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by listening to how others are finding their experience. We suspect it's a cover for freelancer Steve Folland to have some company once a week as he chats to others about being freelance. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Creative Block - Illustrator Emma Block

    When a 16 year old Emma started sharing her artwork on her blog, she had no idea how quickly she'd turn from teenager to freelancer and ultimately from freelancer into 'influencer'! Hear the way she's diversified her income, copes with an RSI and shares tips on social marketing (including great success with Instagram Stories).

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    Taking The Plunge - Photographer Matt Porteous

    How does a builder from Jersey end up photographing a future King? Hear how Matt took the plunge, followed his passion, knocked on doors and took every job that came his way. Nowadays Matt's joined forces with other freelancers to form a studio that allows them to be creative and take on even more work. His passion for travel and underwater photography still shines through and it's all going swimmingly.

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    Blogging & Business Chops - Motion Designer Austin Saylor

    A year before he went freelance, Austin started blogging. Not only did it give him a space to document and reflect on his progress, but it brought him connections that referred him for work. Since then expanding his network through conferences has done the same. He continues to think big, experiment, grow and develop his business chops.

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    Instagram Changed My Life - Writer & Photographer Sara Tasker

    When Sara went on maternity leave it wasn't just her child that was born. A business was too. Her story shows what can happen when you find and connect with your people, with your audience. Her instagram followers have given her the ability to quit her 'day job' and follow her passion for photography and writing (and a whole lot more!)

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    Self Developer - Developer Sara Soueidan

    How do you go from having no idea of a career... to becoming Net Awards Developer of the Year? In just a couple of years?! For Lebanese freelancer Sara it's been a journey of self development as much as anything she's done for the web. Hear her story of learning, sharing, writing, speaking, teaching, creating... and then learning some more.

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    Portfolio Power - Illustrator & Designer Paddy Donnelly

    Paddy left agency life behind to satifsy a craving for creativity and diversity in his work. Dividing his time between home and co-work spaces, between client work and his own passionate side projects, all the time keeping his portfolio fresh.

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    AdWords With Yourself - Speech Writer Adrian Simpson

    A freelancer for many years, from magazine junior to TV presenter and wordsmith. Adrian shares his story from Top Gear to top wedding speech writer. Plus, how he invests in Google marketing to get himself found and third party reviews on his site to prove he's worth finding.

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    Start Up A Meetup - Developer Louise Swift

    Ful-stack web developer Louise didn't know any other freelancers... so she started a meetup. From that came confidence, fun, growth, friends, collaborations, work and even a business partner. Hear how she got started with the event, manages as part of a double header company and stays focused daily.

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    Creating Your Own Platform - Writer & Filmmaker Andrew White

    Freelancing for the best part of 20 years has seen Andrew go from filming anything corporate for money to shooting his passion and creating exactly the kind of content he wants to be known for, finding his own audience and building his own platform. With 'Walks Around Britain' he can choose his own path and enjoy the freelance opportunities that find him along the way.

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    Printing Profit - Pattern Designer Elizabeth Silver

    After a decade in New York, pattern designer Elizabeth swapped the city for the country and a regular job for being freelance. Despite her industry experience, it felt like starting all over with a new career. She shares her tips on marketing, diversifying her income streams and making it all with persistence.

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