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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Location Independent - Copywriter Kelly Dunning

    Digital nomad Kelly has been travelling the world on a freelance income since 2011. After beginning her freelance career taking bottom-of-the-rung jobs from content mills, she’s climbed the ladder building a business that supports her lifestyle travelling the world.

    Kelly says freelancing is a never ending puzzle. And that’s a good thing. She’s got plenty of clues to help you in this episode.

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    Remember why you started - Illustrator Martha Williams

    Illustrator Martha Williams set out to build a freelance business that would give her opportunities to explore and experiment with her work.

    We talk about how she’s made that happen, including how she’s changed her personality to become more organised, learned to set boundaries and protect her own time and work, and got her head around the finance side of being freelance.

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    35 side projects and counting - Documentary Producer Jay Acunzo

    Giving a man like Jay the job title “Documentary Producer” is about as reductive as it gets, but how do you put a label on someone who does so much?

    Beginning his career as a sports journalist and going on to work in marketing with companies like Google and HubSpot, Jay is now a freelance show maker, creating video and audio for brands. He’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and keynote speaker, producing work that covers the creative side of marketing.

    But the most interesting thing about Jay? Despite how it may seem from the outside, he doesn’t have it all figured out. Hear him open up about a recent confidence crisis, and find out how he overcame it with support form his newly appointed “Manager of Awesome.”

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    Change the way you think - Designer Caitlin McEvoy

    Nottingham-based designer Caitlin freelances around a full-time job. While it helps her put money aside for a rainy day, this goes beyond boosting her income. Once a finalist in IPSE’s Freelancer of the Year awards and now the designer behind a clothing range that promotes mental well-being, she’s doing her bit to make a positive change.

    Hear Caitlin open up about her own mental health story and how it’s driven her to do work that makes a difference.

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    Is freelancing child's play? - Kids' App Designer Chris O'Shea

    When it comes to freelance life, Chris has done it three ways. From working out of a bedroom in his parent’s home straight out of college, to building a name for himself and making it big in London. Chris is now settled in Somerset, where he manages his third business alongside being a stay-at-home dad of two.

    Chris isn’t just designing games. He’s designing a work life that fits his family.

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    “I’ve reached my goal, what’s next?” - Web Developer Jason Resnick

    Web developer Jason Resnick had a big life goal. When he started a family, he wanted to be home to see his kid’s first steps and hear their first words.

    To him (and to most of us, I’d imagine) that’s what’s important. Jason wanted to be able to shape everything else around that.

    Rewind a few years to the late nineties and you’d find him ditching economics class to take casual HTML lessons from a friend via email. That’s where Jason fell in love with web development, and he soon began building a part-time freelance business around a full-time job.

    When the time came to leave his job and take the business full-time, Jason had the skill-set to do the work, but none of the business and sales knowledge needed to bring it in.

    We talk about how he’s developed that knowledge and built a sustainable freelance business that’s full of efficient processes. And how he now, having reached his life goal of building that flexible career, is determined to help other freelancers do the same.

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    Get a mentor, Be a mentor - Art Director Kirsten Murray

    Kirsten set herself a goal. To create a better work/travel balance. To see more of the world without giving up her job.

    And that's where we find her, on the road - more than happy to NOT set a new goal, but instead enjoy living this one.

    We chat about collaboration, remote working, making opportunities, digital nomad life, side projects and more. Kirsten's both a mentor and a mentee and thinks no matter where we are in our freelance careers there are always people just a few steps ahead that we can learn from. And others who can learn from us.

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    Be bold - Photographer Jon Enoch

    Let's be bolder. Let's push ourselves forward.

    It's certainly working for Jon Enoch. Bold enough to make and seize opportunities. From entering competitions, awards, knocking on doors, filling in for people and then maximising the opportunity, pushing forward to be known for the work you want to do.

    Jon chats about becoming more productive in co-work/office spaces, hiring help, regularly marketing, learning from others outside of your field and investing in himself.

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    Keeping business afloat - Cartoonist Sarah Steenland

    Sarah and her husband always wanted to retire and go cruising around the seas and oceans.

    Then when the financial crisis hit 10 years ago things changed. Forced to sell everything and start living on a boat they realised maybe they didn't have to wait until they were older. Maybe they could do this now!

    There are plenty of digital nomads. But few have a family of four to support. Even less live on a boat - taking the term 'remote' working to a whole new level. When you're not just worried about whether an invoice has been paid, but what that burning smell on board is miles from the coast of Borneo.

    It's a great story. Interesting to find that even a freelancer so physically isolated is still relying on personal human connections to keep their business afloat.

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    Business before art - Photographer Vicki Knights

    You won’t hear Vicki say “Hi, I’m a freelance photographer”. Instead it’s “I run a photography business”.

    From the outset Vicki’s always put business before art.

    When burn out threatened she hired other photographers to work with her. She’s diversified into teaching both online and in person. She organises workshops and retreats.

    Right. Hit play and let’s get down to business.

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