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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by listening to how others are finding their experience. We suspect it's a cover for freelancer Steve Folland to have some company once a week as he chats to others about being freelance. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Strip it back - Web Developer Matthew Brennan

    After starting out portraying himself as an agency that covered everything graphic & web design, Matthew's discovered a) his natural niche of web development and b) that clients prefer knowing they're working with an individual. He's stripped it back: dropped the 'everything' offering, refocused, rebranded and revoiced as 'I'.

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    Being every role - Illustrator Emmeline Pidgen

    Since leaving university Emmeline has been freelance, building her online presence and her business. In 2016 she was named as the UK's Freelancer of the Year by IPSE - here she chats about her side projects, making the most of the quiet spells and how she enjoys being every role in the business. Even the accounts.

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    Fitting work around life - Copywriter Rachel Ingram

    Rachel always wanted to work for herself. Once she decided to' take the plunge and make a success of it' there was still plenty to learn, like pricing, getting paid, client relationships and, you know, helicopters. Hear how she fits work around life, instead of the other way round.

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    Instagram Stories - Designer Jimmy Bryant

    Second time round at freelancing Jimmy knew he needed to put himself out there and found a use for Instagram. Since then, people around the world have found him and his work - and he's found his voice. Hear the lessons he's learnt as he set out to diversify his income from band merch to his own products and beyond.

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    Little Things Every Day - Digital Marketer Josh Hoffman

    US digital marketer Josh took his skills, took his definition of success and took his passport as he travelled the world on a journey of epic freelancing. Currently in Bangkok he shares how acting locally whilst thinking globally transformed his business. Doing the little things every day of creating, networking and... living.

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    Wise Words - Marketer Luan Wise

    After years of agency and in-house experience, Luan stepped out into being freelance. A story of spotting opportunities, maintaining relationships and self development underlines her solo career. She shares her experience hiring coaches, writing a book, speaking, making courses by herself and alongside LinkedIn - and above all, thinking like a business.

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    My work is my life - Illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi

    Tokyo based illustrator and painter Tatsuro has been freelance since leaving art college 25 years ago. Working remotely with clients around the world long before the internet made it the norm. He chats about adapting his style to get the work he wanted, being fine with being a workaholic and the need to look after ourselves.

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    Bouncing Back - App Developer Jason Kneen

    In 2000 Jason and (his now wife) Hannah started 'Bouncing Fish'. Working first as freelancers it grew into an agency with a big team, big office and when the financial crash at the end of the decade came... a big problem. Hear how Jason bounced back as a freelancer vowing never to let it happen again. Working from home with his four children (and a Tardis toilet) not too far away - we chat work/life balance, side projects, speaking, writing, a freelancer website and more...

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    Draw on your experience - Illustrator Jess Engle

    Jess spent the first decade of her career in the corporate world. She did branding, marketing and advertising for global businesses . Now, she's a freelance illustrator, documenting her creative business journey on YouTube as 'Studio Jess' in Austin, Texas. Hear how she finally managed to make the move into following (and earning from) her passion.

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    For The Hell Of It - Writer Bryce Bladon

    Bryce is the freelance writer behind the Clients From Hell blog and podcast... but how the devil did he get to where he is today? He takes us through the isolation, the daily marketing habit of reaching out and how actually - maybe getting a job with an agency might have been a good idea.

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