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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Freelancing with a full time job - Digital Marketing Strategist Nathan Allotey

    For years Nathan’s been freelancing on the side of his full time jobs. It’s given him an extra income but also a reason to learn extra skills that have then got him better full time positions. Nathan’s constantly learning - self taught, via groups, a Masters - digesting, discussing and sharing it with others in the freelancer community.

    This feels like a lot more than a ‘side hustle’. This goes right to his core.

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    25% Marketing - Copywriter Kate Toon

    25% of her time devoted to self-marketing. That’s how Kate built her reputation. That and consistently nailing SEO to become the number one ranked copywriter in Australia.

    Kate also chats about building a team, moving to a more 'passive' business, the work-life balance myth, podcasting, community building, starting a conference... A lot to get through, so start listening.

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    Side Project Benefits - Animation Director James Curran

    When you love what you do, it’s no chore to put in extra hours on the side to create something special of your own. Your own creative project.

    It can help you experiment and evolve… and it can help you get known.

    And when it’s the likes of Steven Spielberg who has noticed you, you’re doing something right.

    The very animated James Curran, better known for his colourful looping GIFs as Slim Jim Studios, takes us through his freelance journey and the huge role his many substantial side projects have played in getting him noticed and getting him work.

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    Niche Reputation - Facebook Ads Consultant Mojca Zove

    The first part of Mocja’s freelance career was spent building her reputation. Starting with local companies in her native Slovenia, eventually spreading out to the US.

    Through content marketing, podcast appearances, nurturing Twitter relationships and speaking/attending conferences, she built a reputation as the go-to-person for Facebook ads.

    Then she hit ‘delete’ on all her other services to really focus on her niche.Now, with her reputation as her foundation, she’s building her business to suit the lifestyle she wants to lead. Turns out when you get fired from your first job, you can convince the world to hire you.

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    Fostering Trust - Marketer Gareth K Thomas

    First and foremost Gareth is a foster carer to three children.

    Whilst he’s busy mentoring them, a business coach is helping him find his way. Creating a freelance business that can flex to fit around the demands of the home first.

    Gareth has a lot of experience in building companies - he speaks about the importance of separating the pressures of work from your personal life. Yet here is a story where one really has created the freedom for the other.

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    Ridiculously Useful - Email Strategist Val Geisler

    What happens when we keep an open mind to the path we might take? When we listen to the needs of others? When we experiment - see what works? When we hire others? When we put our own lifestyle first? When we just try and be ridiculously useful?

    For Val Geisler the answers to these questions took her on a path from store managing to being an expert in a niche (with a diversion via motherhood on the way). Testing the need. Building community. Taking care of yourself. Listening for the whisper of the other paths.

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    Know the ropes - Graphic Designer Chad Michael

    Chad's a firm believer that his time working in agencies, has made him a better freelancer. He got to know the ropes - the techniques, the business, the rates, the people... and most importantly his niche of premium packaging design. We chat about the importance of Instagram, awards, work-life balance and client relationships. But it's interesting, he isn't a freelancer who puts much 'personal' into his brand - he may know the ropes, but do we know him?

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    Building from scratch - Copywriter Gareth Hancock

    When Gareth was made redundant from the building trade he found himself out of work for months. A new dad at risk of losing his house, car, self-esteem... Until he found a freelance job site and started to wonder if he could make money online.

    Gareth started writing. He didn't know that might have a job title. But years later here is. He's built himself a career in copywriting from the ground up.

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    The Bigger Picture of Balance - Photographer Penny Wincer

    Penny's always been freelance. First as a photographer's assistant, learning the ropes, making connections - and then as a photographer herself. We chat about when working for free has made a difference (and still can) and how being freelance has actually made being a mum easier (not sure it's ever easy!). Despite a busy work-life schedule Penny seems really balanced. Maybe that's embracing work into your life. Or maybe instead of looking at work life balance on a daily or weekly basis, we should think are we balanced across the year?

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    Being Freelance LIVE at National Freelancer's Day - with...

    On Thursday 28th June 2018, Steve Folland hosted a live version of the Being Freelance podcast at IPSE's National Freelancer's Day in King's Place, London.

    Not just one guest but two guests shared their freelance stories to the live audience - and now they share it with you.

    They are athlete Gianni Frankis and business coach & digital marketing stratgeist Chichi Eruchalu.

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