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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    That first taste of bacon - Motion Designer Devon Moodley

    Devon was hooked from the beginning. He worked full-time for several years while freelancing on the side, but eventually, the FOMO got too much.

    When a friend’s mum told him “You can always make money, but you can’t always make memories,” Devon was convinced. He gave up his full-time job at Xero, moved to another country, and set out on his own. This is his story so far.

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    BONUS - Community Q&A with Kate Toon and Paul Jarvis

    We've had some amazing Live Q&As in the Being Freelance Community this year. So as a bonus here's just some of the amazing answers Paul Jarvis and Kate Toon gave to questions poised by freelancers in the group. Don't miss out, come and join us!

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    Say yes and then work it out - Illustrator Melanie Chadwick

    Mel’s lived in Hong Kong, Aberdeen, Falmouth, and now Porthleven, with each new location bringing fresh inspiration for her career as a freelance illustrator.

    As well as taking on commissions, Mel’s experimented with running workshops and selling products. And, like Steve, Mel’s documented her freelance journey on YouTube, where she also publishes a video interview series with creatives in her local area.

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    Get started sooner - Copywriter Leif Kendall

    Leif started freelancing on the side around a full-time job. 11 years later, freelancing is his full-time job and he now runs a successful side project, too.

    Leif is the director of ProCopywriters, a professional association with over 850 members. He chats to Steve about how he got started being freelance, how he’s found work and built up his business, and how he manages to run ProCopywriters alongside it.

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    An umbrella of skills - Experience Designer Stefano Bellucci Sessa

    Stefano went freelance after 4 years in an agency, after realising he wanted more control over the projects he took on. He’s an Italian living in London, and he says it’s meeting people at local events that has allowed him to find clients and build his business.

    He’s done work around mindset, values and well-being too, and he shares some important reflections on how we can all be a bit kinder to ourselves as freelancers.

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    Walk the walk - Copywriter Emily Read

    Out of luck finding employment as a copywriter, Emily turned to freelance work by chance when she met a web designer who was looking for support.

    Emily got her business off the ground from there, learning as much as she could from online resources while also pouring time and energy into her website.

    Within 6 months, Emily was ranking number one on Google for keywords like “Brisbane copywriter” and business grew from there.

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    Don’t get mad, get better - Photographer Storm Santos

    Storm shoots celebrities in LA, and while his life might appear to be more glamorous than most, he still loves those working-from-the-studio days where he gets to walk to work in his underwear.

    He chats to Steve about finding work, using an agent, putting himself out there, managing his work-life balance, and investing in his business.

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    Being Freelance Podcast LIVE at IPSE's National Freelancers Day in London

    This week we have not just one but TWO freelancers for you. They’re being interviewed by a freelancer, in a room full of freelancers, for the Being Freelance podcast. Which was, of course, recorded live on National Freelancers Day, at IPSE’s annual event. And now we’re sharing it with you - another freelancer! (Or aspiring freelancer).

    That’s a lot of biscuits.

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    Protecting my health - Designer Tatiana Mac

    Tatiana’s taken on full-time roles throughout her career, as well as building up a studio alongside a partner. Knowing now that independence is what suits her best, Tatiana’s focused on working in a way that allows her to protect her own physical and mental health. She says money doesn’t control her happiness, and she doesn’t believe in forcing herself to work when she’s not inspired.

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    Moving the needle every day - Lead Generation Strategist Cathy Wassell

    After being made redundant from the company she was with for 19 years, Cathy put herself through training and became a freelance social media manager. Five years later, she’s running her own digital marketing agency and has co-founded a second business - Go With The Pro, a membership site for freelance marketers.

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