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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by listening to how others are finding their experience. We suspect it's a cover for freelancer Steve Folland to have some company once a week as he chats to others about being freelance. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Daily Vlogging - Designer Ran Segall

    Ran is a designer working amongst the start-up community of Tel Aviv. As part of that he also works on his own start-up and products. For a year Ran's been documenting his freelance life with a daily YouTube vlog purely for the joy of creating. What really brings him work... is making friends. And a lot of lunches.

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    The Code Guy - Software Engineer Paul Allington

    Paul shares his journey from agency life, to freelance life... to forming an agency... to losing it... to going solo as The Code Guy and becoming IPSE Freelancer of the Year. And that's not even all of it... So grab a cup of tea... did we mention the digital product yet? So grab a cup of tea (it's what he'd want) and enjoy!

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    Freelance Mum - Voiceover Artist Faye Dicker

    Faye is a radio presenter turned freelance voiceover artist. Borrowing money to build her own studio, she's since built her reputation, her business and now her family too. With that she's also created 'Freelance Mum' - part of which is networking events where it's okay to bring your kids.

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    Stop Being So Available! - Communications Strategist Emelie Fågelstedt

    An offer of a freelance project whilst Emelie was still at uni kicked off a 7 year journey. From managing Social to strategising and forming a 'networked agency'. From Stockholm, to Tokyo, to London. Exploring the world, expanding her business. Learning to not always be 'so available' - there's more to life than work.

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    The Adventures of Superlogoboy - Branding Designer Paddy McGrath

    Paddy spent 10 years in agency life working his way towards the top... and then looked down at the view and decided to take a leap into being freelance. He'd grown too far from the actual creativity. He couldn't control what his day looked like. He wanted to grow a beard. A really big beard. Through dedicated learning, taking action and, well, working 6 days a week - Superlogoboy is soaring to success.

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    Vlog Like A Boss - Amy Schmittauer

    Hear how Amy went from being the person in town who knew about Facebook... to being a YouTuber, international speaker, video consultant and influencer. Look, when Gary Vaynerchuk is giving you a quote for the front of your book - you know you're doing something right.

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    People, Process, Product - Motion Designer Adrian Thompson

    Having started out as a freelance motion designer, creating videos in the San Francisco Bay area, Adrian realised all the things he didn't like about the industry and setting out to create a studio of his own that would change that. Putting people and process at the heart of his team's creations. From there he sought 'passive income' action, building digital products and thinks every freelancer should think about doing the same.

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    You're A Startup - UX Designer Katrin Suess

    Katrin has used life as a freelancer to travel from her native Germany and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Having founded her own Startups she now treats herself as the product, herself as the Startup. Katrin shares her journey and lessons learned in her work as a UX Designer and Startup mentor.

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    Career Reboot - Illustrator Kirk Wallace

    Having trained in computer science, Kirk came to realise it was the visual design of software and sites that he most enjoyed. So he rebooted his career - self-taught how to develop as an illustrator, designer and businessman. He shares his journey including the results of experiments with working space, social media and pricing.

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    6AM Side Projects - Femke van Schoonhoven

    Femke manages to fit in a lot alongside her full time remote design job. Freelance clients, a podcast, speaking, blogging, attending conferences, a social life and a cat. She shares her story: from New Zealand to Amsterdam, forming a 'studio' with her boyfriend, dispanding a studio with her boyfriend, growing in confidence, growing an audience. The power of connection. The power of reflection. Making goals. Making time. Listen. Just do it.

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