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The podcast for creative freelancers who want a better business and a better life. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it being freelance by hearing others share their stories. Hosted by Steve Folland. Bring your ears. And cake.

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    Get started sooner - Copywriter Leif Kendall

    Leif started freelancing on the side around a full-time job. 11 years later, freelancing is his full-time job and he now runs a successful side project, too.

    Leif is the director of ProCopywriters, a professional association with over 850 members. He chats to Steve about how he got started being freelance, how he’s found work and built up his business, and how he manages to run ProCopywriters alongside it.

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    An umbrella of skills - Experience Designer Stefano Bellucci Sessa

    Stefano went freelance after 4 years in an agency, after realising he wanted more control over the projects he took on. He’s an Italian living in London, and he says it’s meeting people at local events that has allowed him to find clients and build his business.

    He’s done work around mindset, values and well-being too, and he shares some important reflections on how we can all be a bit kinder to ourselves as freelancers.

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    Walk the walk - Copywriter Emily Read

    Out of luck finding employment as a copywriter, Emily turned to freelance work by chance when she met a web designer who was looking for support.

    Emily got her business off the ground from there, learning as much as she could from online resources while also pouring time and energy into her website.

    Within 6 months, Emily was ranking number one on Google for keywords like “Brisbane copywriter” and business grew from there.

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    Don’t get mad, get better - Photographer Storm Santos

    Storm shoots celebrities in LA, and while his life might appear to be more glamorous than most, he still loves those working-from-the-studio days where he gets to walk to work in his underwear.

    He chats to Steve about finding work, using an agent, putting himself out there, managing his work-life balance, and investing in his business.

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    Being Freelance Podcast LIVE at IPSE's National Freelancers Day in London

    This week we have not just one but TWO freelancers for you. They’re being interviewed by a freelancer, in a room full of freelancers, for the Being Freelance podcast. Which was, of course, recorded live on National Freelancers Day, at IPSE’s annual event. And now we’re sharing it with you - another freelancer! (Or aspiring freelancer).

    That’s a lot of biscuits.

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    Protecting my health - Designer Tatiana Mac

    Tatiana’s taken on full-time roles throughout her career, as well as building up a studio alongside a partner. Knowing now that independence is what suits her best, Tatiana’s focused on working in a way that allows her to protect her own physical and mental health. She says money doesn’t control her happiness, and she doesn’t believe in forcing herself to work when she’s not inspired.

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    Moving the needle every day - Lead Generation Strategist Cathy Wassell

    After being made redundant from the company she was with for 19 years, Cathy put herself through training and became a freelance social media manager. Five years later, she’s running her own digital marketing agency and has co-founded a second business - Go With The Pro, a membership site for freelance marketers.

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    We are not entrepreneurs - Content Producer Nick Saalfeld

    Many of us start out without much of a plan. Other than wanting to do fun work with good people, we’re not really sure where we’re heading. And then, for some of us, that entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and we start thinking about scaling and hiring people. But what happens when you don’t have the skill-set (or love) for the kind of work that’s involved in building something bigger?

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    Building authority - Conversion Copywriter Paige Poutiainen

    From bidding for jobs on freelance marketplace Upwork, to establishing herself as an expert and consultant, copywriter Paige has learnt how to develop her skills, build authority, and set up systems to keep everything running smoothly. She chats about the different courses and mastermind groups she’s been a part of, and shares some of her tips for scheduling, planning, and working strategically.

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    The best way to sell is not to sell - SEO Consultant Steve Morgan

    Steve caught the self-employment bug from family. He came from an agency background and started with one small client, building his business up over time. Now, he runs a meet-up, co-works, does speaking gigs, and he’s just published a book teaching freelancers how to sell without actually selling.

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    Pay what you can - Podcast Producer Steph Colbourn

    Steph began working on podcasts before they were even really a thing. With a qualification in audio arts, she spent a year producing audio and video at a marketing company before heading out on her own. Seven years later, Steph’s hired team members, spoken at a conference, and worked on lots of exciting projects. She calls it ‘lucky timing’, but maybe it has something to do with her unique approach?

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    Finding the sweet spot - Designer Tom Ross

    Tom’s freelance career began when he was just 16 years old. It’s evolved significantly since then, but not without adverse effects on his health. We chat about work-life balance, dealing with serious burnout, learning from your mistakes, and the pitfalls of Hustle Culture.

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    BONUS: Being Freelance Podcast LIVE in Manchester!

    Here's a bonus episode of the podcast, recorded live with IPSE at a WeWork in Manchester, UK, on 6th March 2019. It features previous guests Kelly Gilmour Grassam and Ian Paget of Logo Geek. How have they grown their businesses in the years since we last spoke?

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    Discovering myself again - Graphic Designer Lucas Gini

    Like many of us, Lucas often finds himself working too much. And despite living in the countryside in Brazil, he says it’s keeping a good balance that’s the most difficult thing about being freelance.

    We chat about how he manages his workload, what his plans are for the future, and how a school illustration project he took on led to having a book published and distributed to schools across Brazil.

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    Big juicy clients - Graphic Designer Lyndsey Yates

    What do you get when you connect community-minded freelancers who like working collaboratively?

    You get a collective, that’s what. It’s a bit like an agency, but with more freedom and shared responsibilities.

    Lyndsey formed her collective because she wanted to open herself up to some new opportunities. Bigger clients and meatier work. Let’s find out how it’s going, shall we?

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    There's no nobility in doing it all yourself - Squarespace designer Jared Gold

    Realising he was the bottleneck that was preventing his business from growing, Jared Gold took action. He now runs two design companies and is finding ways to use his own time more effectively. Jared talks about learning to prioritise sales ahead of exploring new systems and processes, learning from business books and industry experts, and working with a team of freelancers to scale his business.

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    Brand first, business second - Storyteller/Illustrator Jae Kutin (The INKtrovert)

    As is the case for most of us, Jae’s career hasn’t gone the way she imagined it would. Instead of going down the expected path, she ended up following her intuition and her creative interests to build a working life that means something to her.

    And for Jae, it all started with the brand. The business stuff came later. We chat about how she established that brand and grew it, what it means to her, and how she’s moving forward with it now that she’s committed to being freelance.

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    Take an interest in other humans - Musician Kari Paavola

    Sometimes you find the very best advice in one of the least likely places.

    For many of our regular listeners, a drummer from Helsinki might not be an obvious guest. But it’s thinking outside the box that can often lead to breakthroughs.

    And Kari has some valuable insights that can be applied to freelancing across the board.

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    Always learning - Learning Experience Designer Cath Ellis

    Cath started out trialling freelance work alongside a full-time job. Within a month, she’d left the job behind and gone freelance full-time.

    Cath chats about working flexibly from the deck of a cruise ship, speaking at an event in Las Vegas, using plugins and apps to create quotes and proposals, and what it’s like to be always learning.

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    Build decent and expansive relationships - Strategy Consultant Jan Mikulin

    Despite a career in marketing, Jan doesn’t market himself or his freelance business. Instead, he focuses on his network and building meaningful relationships.

    We talk about work-life balance, self-development, being “perma-lance”, finding work when you’re not on social media, how to make the most of periods with no work, and what it’s like to be an associate and partner in a freelance collective.

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    The pathway to such a cool life - Data Visualisation Expert Stephanie Evergreen

    Stephanie was forced into being freelance, but it turned out to be one of the best things that could ever have happened to her.

    We chat about work-life balance and how she manages to take five vacations a year, why she still works from home even though her business is international and her team is 6-people strong, and how the best piece of advice she’s ever been given is “raise your prices”.

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    Setting goals and setting up an agency

    Alex took his time to hire a first team member, but it seems there was very little doubt it would happen eventually. He's always felt at his best when he's able to lead the way, and running his own agency had been on the cards for a while.

    That agency is now made up of 6, and Alex is working with a mentor - The Secret Millionaire's Mike Greene - to manage its growth and set goals for the future.

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    Launch and learn - Creative Xanthe Berkeley

    After taking a career break to start a family, Xanthe was ready for a change. Office life was no longer appealing, and she soon found herself building a freelance photography business.

    That business has developed over time, and Xanthe now produces creative visual campaigns for brands like Boden, Cath Kidston, and Etsy UK, while also teaching film making and finding time for personal projects.

    She never had much of a plan, but she gets that you’ve got to give something a try if you want to learn more.

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    Know your personal value - Web Designer Dave Smyth

    Dave’s been a freelance web designer for around 5 years now, and he’s picked up a lot of practical knowledge in that time. When he’s not busy sharing that knowledge with others on social media, he’s working on his new project, Work Notes, a collection of articles and resources for freelancers.

    We chat about the importance of contracts, Dave’s experience using Upwork, some of his favourite resources, and how he handles working with clients based overseas.

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    Sharing the hats - UX Designer Mariana Morris

    Most freelancers embrace the opportunity to work independently. They avoid growth, preferring instead to stay the one-man (or -woman) band that allows them to avoid paying someone else’s salary.

    Mariana isn’t most freelancers. She’s moved to an agency model because she believes she can do greater work when she’s part of a team. And she’s determined to create the perfect environment in which that team can thrive.

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    Better, not bigger - Writer Paul Jarvis

    “I don’t want busy to be my default state,” says Paul Jarvis, and he’s built a body of work to help other freelancers achieve the same.

    Paul began his freelance career as a web designer, but now he’s a writer and published author who produces podcasts and online courses.

    In his book, Company of One, Paul explores the idea that, if you want to live a fulfilling life and you prioritise time over money, your goal should be to build a better business, not a bigger one.

    This is the story of how he built his very own Company of One.

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    Get paid upfront - Professional Know-it-all Kat Molesworth

    There are side hustlers and multi-hyphenates, and then there’s Kat. Photographer, blogger, consultant, podcast host, YouTuber, DJ, conference founder, wife and mother of three… there’s no easy way to define how Kat makes a living.

    And isn’t that the beauty of freelance life? It takes away the limits and puts you in control of where you take your career.

    For Kat, that’s meant being able to pursue all fun and creative ideas she has. Find out how she got started and how she continues to make it work, even when late payments threaten everything.

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    Location Independent - Copywriter Kelly Dunning

    Digital nomad Kelly has been travelling the world on a freelance income since 2011. After beginning her freelance career taking bottom-of-the-rung jobs from content mills, she’s climbed the ladder building a business that supports her lifestyle travelling the world.

    Kelly says freelancing is a never ending puzzle. And that’s a good thing. She’s got plenty of clues to help you in this episode.

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    Remember why you started - Illustrator Martha Williams

    Illustrator Martha Williams set out to build a freelance business that would give her opportunities to explore and experiment with her work.

    We talk about how she’s made that happen, including how she’s changed her personality to become more organised, learned to set boundaries and protect her own time and work, and got her head around the finance side of being freelance.

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    35 side projects and counting - Documentary Producer Jay Acunzo

    Giving a man like Jay the job title “Documentary Producer” is about as reductive as it gets, but how do you put a label on someone who does so much?

    Beginning his career as a sports journalist and going on to work in marketing with companies like Google and HubSpot, Jay is now a freelance show maker, creating video and audio for brands. He’s also an author, podcaster, blogger, and keynote speaker, producing work that covers the creative side of marketing.

    But the most interesting thing about Jay? Despite how it may seem from the outside, he doesn’t have it all figured out. Hear him open up about a recent confidence crisis, and find out how he overcame it with support form his newly appointed “Manager of Awesome.”

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    Change the way you think - Designer Caitlin McEvoy

    Nottingham-based designer Caitlin freelances around a full-time job. While it helps her put money aside for a rainy day, this goes beyond boosting her income. Once a finalist in IPSE’s Freelancer of the Year awards and now the designer behind a clothing range that promotes mental well-being, she’s doing her bit to make a positive change.

    Hear Caitlin open up about her own mental health story and how it’s driven her to do work that makes a difference.

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    Is freelancing child's play? - Kids' App Designer Chris O'Shea

    When it comes to freelance life, Chris has done it three ways. From working out of a bedroom in his parent’s home straight out of college, to building a name for himself and making it big in London. Chris is now settled in Somerset, where he manages his third business alongside being a stay-at-home dad of two.

    Chris isn’t just designing games. He’s designing a work life that fits his family.

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    “I’ve reached my goal, what’s next?” - Web Developer Jason Resnick

    Web developer Jason Resnick had a big life goal. When he started a family, he wanted to be home to see his kid’s first steps and hear their first words.

    To him (and to most of us, I’d imagine) that’s what’s important. Jason wanted to be able to shape everything else around that.

    Rewind a few years to the late nineties and you’d find him ditching economics class to take casual HTML lessons from a friend via email. That’s where Jason fell in love with web development, and he soon began building a part-time freelance business around a full-time job.

    When the time came to leave his job and take the business full-time, Jason had the skill-set to do the work, but none of the business and sales knowledge needed to bring it in.

    We talk about how he’s developed that knowledge and built a sustainable freelance business that’s full of efficient processes. And how he now, having reached his life goal of building that flexible career, is determined to help other freelancers do the same.

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    Get a mentor, Be a mentor - Art Director Kirsten Murray

    Kirsten set herself a goal. To create a better work/travel balance. To see more of the world without giving up her job.

    And that's where we find her, on the road - more than happy to NOT set a new goal, but instead enjoy living this one.

    We chat about collaboration, remote working, making opportunities, digital nomad life, side projects and more. Kirsten's both a mentor and a mentee and thinks no matter where we are in our freelance careers there are always people just a few steps ahead that we can learn from. And others who can learn from us.

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    Be bold - Photographer Jon Enoch

    Let's be bolder. Let's push ourselves forward.

    It's certainly working for Jon Enoch. Bold enough to make and seize opportunities. From entering competitions, awards, knocking on doors, filling in for people and then maximising the opportunity, pushing forward to be known for the work you want to do.

    Jon chats about becoming more productive in co-work/office spaces, hiring help, regularly marketing, learning from others outside of your field and investing in himself.

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    Keeping business afloat - Cartoonist Sarah Steenland

    Sarah and her husband always wanted to retire and go cruising around the seas and oceans.

    Then when the financial crisis hit 10 years ago things changed. Forced to sell everything and start living on a boat they realised maybe they didn't have to wait until they were older. Maybe they could do this now!

    There are plenty of digital nomads. But few have a family of four to support. Even less live on a boat - taking the term 'remote' working to a whole new level. When you're not just worried about whether an invoice has been paid, but what that burning smell on board is miles from the coast of Borneo.

    It's a great story. Interesting to find that even a freelancer so physically isolated is still relying on personal human connections to keep their business afloat.

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    Business before art - Photographer Vicki Knights

    You won’t hear Vicki say “Hi, I’m a freelance photographer”. Instead it’s “I run a photography business”.

    From the outset Vicki’s always put business before art.

    When burn out threatened she hired other photographers to work with her. She’s diversified into teaching both online and in person. She organises workshops and retreats.

    Right. Hit play and let’s get down to business.

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    Freelancing with a full time job - Digital Marketing Strategist Nathan Allotey

    For years Nathan’s been freelancing on the side of his full time jobs. It’s given him an extra income but also a reason to learn extra skills that have then got him better full time positions. Nathan’s constantly learning - self taught, via groups, a Masters - digesting, discussing and sharing it with others in the freelancer community.

    This feels like a lot more than a ‘side hustle’. This goes right to his core.

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    25% Marketing - Copywriter Kate Toon

    25% of her time devoted to self-marketing. That’s how Kate built her reputation. That and consistently nailing SEO to become the number one ranked copywriter in Australia.

    Kate also chats about building a team, moving to a more 'passive' business, the work-life balance myth, podcasting, community building, starting a conference... A lot to get through, so start listening.

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    Side Project Benefits - Animation Director James Curran

    When you love what you do, it’s no chore to put in extra hours on the side to create something special of your own. Your own creative project.

    It can help you experiment and evolve… and it can help you get known.

    And when it’s the likes of Steven Spielberg who has noticed you, you’re doing something right.

    The very animated James Curran, better known for his colourful looping GIFs as Slim Jim Studios, takes us through his freelance journey and the huge role his many substantial side projects have played in getting him noticed and getting him work.

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    Niche Reputation - Facebook Ads Consultant Mojca Zove

    The first part of Mocja’s freelance career was spent building her reputation. Starting with local companies in her native Slovenia, eventually spreading out to the US.

    Through content marketing, podcast appearances, nurturing Twitter relationships and speaking/attending conferences, she built a reputation as the go-to-person for Facebook ads.

    Then she hit ‘delete’ on all her other services to really focus on her niche.Now, with her reputation as her foundation, she’s building her business to suit the lifestyle she wants to lead. Turns out when you get fired from your first job, you can convince the world to hire you.

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    Fostering Trust - Marketer Gareth K Thomas

    First and foremost Gareth is a foster carer to three children.

    Whilst he’s busy mentoring them, a business coach is helping him find his way. Creating a freelance business that can flex to fit around the demands of the home first.

    Gareth has a lot of experience in building companies - he speaks about the importance of separating the pressures of work from your personal life. Yet here is a story where one really has created the freedom for the other.

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    Ridiculously Useful - Email Strategist Val Geisler

    What happens when we keep an open mind to the path we might take? When we listen to the needs of others? When we experiment - see what works? When we hire others? When we put our own lifestyle first? When we just try and be ridiculously useful?

    For Val Geisler the answers to these questions took her on a path from store managing to being an expert in a niche (with a diversion via motherhood on the way). Testing the need. Building community. Taking care of yourself. Listening for the whisper of the other paths.

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    Know the ropes - Graphic Designer Chad Michael

    Chad's a firm believer that his time working in agencies, has made him a better freelancer. He got to know the ropes - the techniques, the business, the rates, the people... and most importantly his niche of premium packaging design. We chat about the importance of Instagram, awards, work-life balance and client relationships. But it's interesting, he isn't a freelancer who puts much 'personal' into his brand - he may know the ropes, but do we know him?

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    Building from scratch - Copywriter Gareth Hancock

    When Gareth was made redundant from the building trade he found himself out of work for months. A new dad at risk of losing his house, car, self-esteem... Until he found a freelance job site and started to wonder if he could make money online.

    Gareth started writing. He didn't know that might have a job title. But years later here is. He's built himself a career in copywriting from the ground up.

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    The Bigger Picture of Balance - Photographer Penny Wincer

    Penny's always been freelance. First as a photographer's assistant, learning the ropes, making connections - and then as a photographer herself. We chat about when working for free has made a difference (and still can) and how being freelance has actually made being a mum easier (not sure it's ever easy!). Despite a busy work-life schedule Penny seems really balanced. Maybe that's embracing work into your life. Or maybe instead of looking at work life balance on a daily or weekly basis, we should think are we balanced across the year?

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    Being Freelance LIVE at National Freelancer's Day - with...

    On Thursday 28th June 2018, Steve Folland hosted a live version of the Being Freelance podcast at IPSE's National Freelancer's Day in King's Place, London.

    Not just one guest but two guests shared their freelance stories to the live audience - and now they share it with you.

    They are athlete Gianni Frankis and business coach & digital marketing stratgeist Chichi Eruchalu.

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    You Listen, You Do, YouTube - Social Media Marketer Latasha James

    Latasha's YouTube videos didn't just gain her an audience. She gained customers. Both for her social media business and her courses helping other freelancers. Now, with her Freelance Friday podcast it's happening again. There's a lot going on - and that doesn't happen unless at some point you stop listening and start doing.

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    Freelancing while Travelling - Graphic Designer Jacob Cass

    Aussie freelancer Jacob has spent the last few years as a digital nomad. Freelancing on the road. And the plane. And the boat...

    Before packing his bags, he packed a lot into building his personal brand. Growing his professional blog from his days as a student. So wherever he is in the world he knows potential clients will find him online.

  50. Thumb 1529176906 artwork

    Bear Essentials - Branding Designer Emma Sheppard

    When Emma became a mum, she also became a freelancer. Trading as Big Bear Creative, she thought she'd get 15 hours of childcare a week and do little bits of work... But her freelance baby soon needed more attention. Now, not only is she working four days a week, but her husband has joined the business too. Big Bear got bigger. And so did their plans. We chat mentors, networking, work-life balance and more.

  51. Thumb 1528550572 artwork

    No Fear - Copywriter Prerna Malik

    When Prerna’s husband couldn’t work due to ill health, her side project of writing suddenly became crucial for their family. Over time they realised it had real potential, her husband joined the business, they hired others as ‘Content Bistro’ served up hungry businesses around the world. It’s an amazing story. She had no money, no other options and no fear. And no idea how much her life was about to change.

  52. Thumb 1527884693 artwork

    Nous sommes forts ensemble - Designer Jonathan Da Costa

    Are we stronger together? Paris based freelance designer and art director Jonathan Da Costa has found that to be true. By collaborating with other freelancers he's managed to take on bigger projects - to grow his business whilst taking time out for his family.

  53. Thumb 1527267795 artwork

    Pug in a banana costume - Copywriter Kirsty Fanton

    The title may be unconventional - but so is Kirsty's story and what she does for her client's emails. From counsellor to copywriter via French farm hand. Hear how Australian freelancer Kirsty discovered her skill, found her niche and figured out the business side. Still taking time for herself, finding wealth in life beyond money.

  54. Thumb 1526717258 artwork

    Family focus - Photographer James Melia

    James should be used to a family business. Before he went freelance as a photographer, he worked for his dad. Now he's partnered with his wife - working from home with the three kids not far away. Juggling the needs of his customers alongside those of his family. Where your business itself is like another child constantly after your attention as it grows.

  55. Thumb 1526139642 artwork

    Building a Community - Social Media Consultant Tia Meyers

    After being made redundant Tia Meyers didn't just take her experience of social media and start being freelance. She also decided to take it and grow a community of other freelancing females. 2 years on, we chat about the many lessons learnt both in adjusting her services, getting paid and work-life balance AND from growing a Facebook Group of 8000 members with meet ups globally. Enjoy!

  56. Thumb 1525452298 artwork

    Instagram Success Story - Photographer Ron Timehin

    Ron's success as a freelancer stems from talent, hard work, generosity, seizing opportunities and... Instagram. The app is at the heart of it all. Giving him the confidence to be a pro photographer. Finding an audience and community. Bringing him to the attention of big brands and opening doors that he's more than eager to burst through. The power of putting yourself out there and making and taking opprtunities shines through.

  57. Thumb 1524911725 artwork

    Raison d'être - Developer Elliot Taylor

    Elliot doesn't shy away from making a change in his life. After a string of non-coding jobs, he self-taught himself WordPress and became a freelance developer. From that he built up a successful agency - Raison. But when fatherhood beckoned he stripped back the pressure of being a boss to freelance once more. More flexibility, more time for his family. And plenty more to hear about too...

  58. Thumb 1524336112 artwork

    Plans change and that's okay - Artist Roxanne Coble

    Roxanne is a planner. She plans what she's doing with her business 'by bun' two years ahead. TWO YEARS. And yet she'd never planned to be an artist. She spent six years in a proper zero-creativity job before realising she could make a living through her art. And she's done that by growing an audience who enjoy her content across various social media platforms. Who support her, both socially and financially. But she realises plans can change, things change. And that's okay.

  59. Thumb 1523641601 artwork

    The Passive Income Wake Up Call - Copywriter Kayla Hollatz

    Not long out of college, Kayla quit her PR job to become self-employed. She was seduced by the 'one to many' infopreneurs - making money online from being an expert, selling courses etc. The dream of passive income soon became a nightmare of over-work in order to keep her sales funnel topped up. After a year of crazy 80-90 hour weeks she switched from products to services and became a freelance copywriter. Now she has the lifestyle freedom she was craving.

  60. Thumb 1523045104 artwork

    Make yourself unavoidable - Ben the Illustrator

    Ben O'Brien, started out as an illustator and animator, even forming a successful studio. But he started to get drawn away from the creative side of things in order to manage projects and people. So he went solo and 'Ben the Illustrator' was born. Ben tells us about being there for his family, making connections to peers around the world through an awesome survey and knocking on doors and using side projects and social media to make himself unavoidable.

  61. Thumb 1521797678 artwork

    Making Connections - Graphic Designer Amber Asay

    A few years ago Amber Asay felt like she'd failed at being a freelancer. Hear what changed. What she learned from being back in full time work, how she worked freelance on the side, grew her portfolio, experience, bank balance and most importantly her network. Because now, in 2018 she can't think of a better time to be a freelancer.

  62. Thumb 1521286345 artwork

    Create Your Own Rules - Brand Strategist Jenni Heffernan Brown

    Jenni Heffernan Brown has had a pretty interesting path to freelancing success. Working for mega corporations, then to graduate school with a bit of freelancing on the side, and now teaming up with another freelancer to form an agency. We chat about the importance of 'systems, systems, systems', taking time for your own creative projects, letting go by using other freelancers, taking time off and the secret to letting potential clients know what it's like to work with you.

  63. Thumb 1520621707 artwork

    Bringing Side Projects to the Centre - Developer Mark Steadman

    Mark's been freelancing on and off for years in between spells in companies, agencies and even running startups.

    He's always had side projects. And whether or not they're a 'success', the experience still feeds back into his freelance skills. But now he's bringing his podcasting project in from the side to be centre stage, giving it more 'full time' attention to make it the focus of his business.

  64. Thumb 1520107399 artwork

    Don't Panic - Virtual Assistant Jess Ostroff

    Jess knew she wanted to work on her own terms. What she didn't know, was what a virtual assistant was. And yet when an opportunity came up to be one, to work remotely and become freelance... she jumped at it. As years went by the amount of work started to overwhelm her. So she hired her own virtual assistants to help out... and her company Don't Panic Management was born.

  65. Thumb 1519507033 artwork

    Untamed Freelancing - Copywriter Karen Marston

    It feels like Karen is being freelance on her terms. With her own voice, her own style. Stress free. Quite possibly in pyjamas. Here we chat about how she got started as a copywriter, how she got started making money from courses helping other writers and how she got finished with trying to be a digital nomad.

  66. Thumb 1518940916 artwork

    Creative Mandate - Illustrator Michelle Kondrich

    Through podcasts Michelle gained the knowledge and confidence to quit the 9-to-5 and start being freelance... and now years later her own podcast Creative Playdate is helping herself and others navigate being freelance, whilst also being a parent. From starting out, reaching out and figuring it out as a freelance mum.

  67. Thumb 1518268295 artwork

    Just keep meeting people! - Podcast producer Matt Hill

    At the heart of Matt's freelance success are other people. Sure, of course he's good at what he does. He's not just made podcasts, he's both made and seized opportunities. But more importantly he's made connections when he's met people.

    Put simply: the more people you meet, the more chance you have of working with them in the future. Be that fellow freelancers or potential clients. Just keep meeting people!

  68. Thumb 1517670581 artwork

    Taking time for yourself - Virtual Assistant Annie Browne

    Tidying her child's room Annie suddenly found a name for a business. With it she found a way to make work fit with family, she found meaningful work in a remote location and found a community of other freelancers to help her along the way. Now all she has to do is find time for herself...

    Hear Annie's journey as self-employed virtual assistant 'Hello My PA', becoming one of the freelance heroes.

  69. Thumb 1517064324 artwork

    Take yourself seriously - Photographer Natalie Field

    If you don't take yourself seriously, why would your clients? South African photographer and digital artist Natalie chats about making connections, hiring other freelancers, expanding her services and wrestling with being a workaholic learning when to say 'no'.

  70. Thumb 1516434776 artwork

    "I feel like I know you" - Social Marketing Consultant Sam Burgess

    'Social Mouth' Sam has a story of reinvention, investment, belief and community. We hear about the power of Instagram Stories and her podcast in helping people get to know her. The benefits of a business coach. And the impact that ill health, a dog and a dad can have on your future.

  71. Thumb 1515965925 artwork

    Reinvent Yourself - Illustrator/Designer Dan Bramall

    When Dan was made redundant two weeks before his second child was born, he knew failure wasn't an option. He had to make a success of being freelance. We chat about how he's made that happen - his coworking studio, networking and adapting to a changing world - always learning new skills, reinventing.. and never with his shirt tucked in.

  72. Thumb 1515965979 artwork

    Secrets of Sharing - Social Media Consultant Uli Schulz

    For German freelancer Uli, it all started with sharing. Using Twitter to share and make reality her dream of living and working in London. Since then she's been sharing work spaces, sharing in communities, sharing thoughts, groups, content, challenges, knowledge and now she shares it with us.

  73. Thumb 1516011258 artwork

    Freelancing on the side - Web Developer Carson Shold

    Carson has always freelanced on the side. Chasing the cash and the creativity that freelance opportunities would bring whilst still studying or working full time. He's learned how to find the good clients, set expectations, communicate and avoid work overload (eventually).

  74. Thumb 1516011288 artwork

    Whatever it takes - Composer Grant Kirkhope

    Composer Grant Kirkhope has spent the past 20 years not just making video games music, but making a name for himself.

    From the lessons and habits learned as an in-house ‘staff composer’, to breaking out as a freelancer in a new country, looking for opportunities, an agent and a day off.

It may seem like a series of ‘happy accidents’ but it’s a tale of persistence, creativity and professionalism. Doing whatever it takes to get the job.

  75. Thumb 1516011328 artwork

    Finding Funding & Belief - Photographer Nisha Haq

    Nisha was the winner of the IPSE UK Freelancer of the Year 2017 Aspire award. 'Aspire' is all about recognising and supporting young, up and coming self-employed talent. We hear a snapshot of how Nisha got started as a photogapher: finding funding (without a loan in sight), and with it, finding community, clients and self belief.

  76. Thumb 1516015055 artwork

    Finding Balance - Freelance Illustrator Holly Exley

    Holly chats about first finding enough freelance work to hang up her waitress apron... and now finding balance from all of that work. We chat about the mental challenges, relocating, making YouTube videos and... dogs.

  77. Thumb 1516019919 artwork

    Get out and meet people - Infographics Designer Caroline Beavon

    Redundancy isn't the end. It's a new beginning. For Caroline that meant retuning and retraining from radio to design. Key to surviving both business and relocation has been Caroline's ability to get out there and meet people. Not networking. It's meeting people. One person can make a difference.

  78. Thumb 1516019858 artwork

    Hype a Loop - Animator Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips, or 'crispe' is an illustrator and animator based in Sydney, Australia. Chris' gif loops have been viewed millions of times on the likes of Giphy, Dribbble, Behance, and Instagram. That side project led to big projects after an agent came knocking. We chat about dealing with clients, being paid, switching off and getting out - or not.

  79. Thumb 1516019961 artwork

    Time is money - Editor Rose Parkin

    As an editor in publishing Rose is used to reshaping people's words. She's also done it with her life. Cutting out the full time job for flexibility as a working mum. Stripping out the management role to focus on the work she enjoys. Reforming her hourly rate and rejecting the projects that won't hit it. Whilst creating The Freelancer's Cookbook.. well, that's a whole new tasty chapter in itself.

  80. Thumb 1516020095 artwork

    What to remember when things get tough - Filmmaker Ben Warburton

    Early on, London based filmmaker Ben started juggling life as a freelancer and studying. Here, he chats about working for free and how he transitioned that to paid gigs. How collaborating with others can inspire him both creatively and in business. Plus, coping with cashflow and the pressures of travelling for work... and knowing when to say 'no'.

  81. Thumb 1516035838 artwork

    Blogging Boost - Graphic Designer Lauren Hooker

    After six months of struggling to get her freelance career off the ground, Lauren started blogging. Every day. For a year. It took off. Her diary booked up months ahead and a waiting list of clients for her business Elle & Company. We chat about using a business coach, content marketing, hiring assistants, evolving a passive income stream and more.

  82. Thumb 1516035876 artwork

    Don't let Freelance fill all your time - Graphic Designer Jon Hicks

    After 15 years of being freelance has given Jon plenty of thoughts to share. The benefits of long term gigs versus variety, the way he found other freleancers to set up a coworking space. From freelancing as a dad with babies to when their teenagers. Portfolio polishing, book writing, conference speaking, side project creating, payment chasing. Don't let freelance fill all your spare time. At least let some of it be filled listening to this.

  83. Thumb 1516035911 artwork

    Start A Cowork Group - Squarespace Developer Katy Carlisle

    After six months of working remotely from home on her company, Katy realised she needed company. Eventually she founded a weekly pop-up co-work group called Freelance Folk. And that's exactly who she found as fellow freelancers heard about it and joined her. We also chat about taking on her niche, taking risks and taking the train with a forest of cardboard furniture.

  84. Thumb 1516105321 artwork

    It takes time - UX Designer Anton Sten

    It's our 100th episode! It's taken time to get this far and that's something Swedish freelancer Anton knows all good, long lasting things need. Be it a newsletter, a business, a reputation....

    Anton shares his story - through finances, workloads, positioning... mastering freelance. Taking time.

  85. Thumb 1516105366 artwork

    Adapt to your clients - Photographer Tara Sura

    Adapting her services to what her clients need. Meeting them. Listening to them. Partnering with other freelancers to collaborate or refer work. While finding community and support in these relationships. This is the studio of Fork & Dram - tuck into the freelance experience of Tara Sura.

  86. Thumb 1516105415 artwork

    Strip it back - Web Developer Matthew Brennan

    After starting out portraying himself as an agency that covered everything graphic & web design, Matthew's discovered a) his natural niche of web development and b) that clients prefer knowing they're working with an individual. He's stripped it back: dropped the 'everything' offering, refocused, rebranded and revoiced as 'I'.

  87. Thumb 1516105448 artwork

    Being every role - Illustrator Emmeline Pidgen

    Since leaving university Emmeline has been freelance, building her online presence and her business. In 2016 she was named as the UK's Freelancer of the Year by IPSE - here she chats about her side projects, making the most of the quiet spells and how she enjoys being every role in the business. Even the accounts.

  88. Thumb 1516105525 artwork

    Fitting work around life - Copywriter Rachel Ingram

    Rachel always wanted to work for herself. Once she decided to' take the plunge and make a success of it' there was still plenty to learn, like pricing, getting paid, client relationships and, you know, helicopters. Hear how she fits work around life, instead of the other way round.

  89. Thumb 1516105573 artwork

    Instagram Stories - Designer Jimmy Bryant

    Second time round at freelancing Jimmy knew he needed to put himself out there and found a use for Instagram. Since then, people around the world have found him and his work - and he's found his voice. Hear the lessons he's learnt as he set out to diversify his income from band merch to his own products and beyond.

  90. Thumb 1516142368 artwork

    Little Things Every Day - Digital Marketer Josh Hoffman

    US digital marketer Josh took his skills, took his definition of success and took his passport as he travelled the world on a journey of epic freelancing. Currently in Bangkok he shares how acting locally whilst thinking globally transformed his business. Doing the little things every day of creating, networking and... living.

  91. Thumb 1516801441 artwork

    Wise Words - Marketer Luan Wise

    After years of agency and in-house experience, Luan stepped out into being freelance. A story of spotting opportunities, maintaining relationships and self development underlines her solo career. She shares her experience hiring coaches, writing a book, speaking, making courses by herself and alongside LinkedIn - and above all, thinking like a business.

  92. Thumb 1516801491 artwork

    My work is my life - Illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi

    Tokyo based illustrator and painter Tatsuro has been freelance since leaving art college 25 years ago. Working remotely with clients around the world long before the internet made it the norm. He chats about adapting his style to get the work he wanted, being fine with being a workaholic and the need to look after ourselves.

  93. Thumb 1516801584 artwork

    Bouncing Back - App Developer Jason Kneen

    In 2000 Jason and (his now wife) Hannah started 'Bouncing Fish'. Working first as freelancers it grew into an agency with a big team, big office and when the financial crash at the end of the decade came... a big problem. Hear how Jason bounced back as a freelancer vowing never to let it happen again. Working from home with his four children (and a Tardis toilet) not too far away - we chat work/life balance, side projects, speaking, writing, a freelancer website and more...

  94. Thumb 1516801647 artwork

    Draw on your experience - Illustrator Jess Engle

    Jess spent the first decade of her career in the corporate world. She did branding, marketing and advertising for global businesses . Now, she's a freelance illustrator, documenting her creative business journey on YouTube as 'Studio Jess' in Austin, Texas. Hear how she finally managed to make the move into following (and earning from) her passion.

  95. Thumb 1517083513 artwork

    For The Hell Of It - Writer Bryce Bladon

    Bryce is the freelance writer behind the Clients From Hell blog and podcast... but how the devil did he get to where he is today? He takes us through the isolation, the daily marketing habit of reaching out and how actually - maybe getting a job with an agency might have been a good idea.

  96. Thumb 1517083575 artwork

    Daily Vlogging - Designer Ran Segall

    Ran is a designer working amongst the start-up community of Tel Aviv. As part of that he also works on his own start-up and products. For a year Ran's been documenting his freelance life with a daily YouTube vlog purely for the joy of creating. What really brings him work... is making friends. And a lot of lunches.

  97. Thumb 1517083460 artwork

    The Code Guy - Software Engineer Paul Allington

    Paul shares his journey from agency life, to freelance life... to forming an agency... to losing it... to going solo as The Code Guy and becoming IPSE Freelancer of the Year. And that's not even all of it... So grab a cup of tea... did we mention the digital product yet? So grab a cup of tea (it's what he'd want) and enjoy!

  98. Thumb 1517083637 artwork

    Freelance Mum - Voiceover Artist Faye Dicker

    Faye is a radio presenter turned freelance voiceover artist. Borrowing money to build her own studio, she's since built her reputation, her business and now her family too. With that she's also created 'Freelance Mum' - part of which is networking events where it's okay to bring your kids.

  99. Thumb 1517083684 artwork

    Stop Being So Available! - Communications Strategist Emelie Fågelstedt

    An offer of a freelance project whilst Emelie was still at uni kicked off a 7 year journey. From managing Social to strategising and forming a 'networked agency'. From Stockholm, to Tokyo, to London. Exploring the world, expanding her business. Learning to not always be 'so available' - there's more to life than work.

  100. Thumb 1517083990 artwork

    The Adventures of Superlogoboy - Branding Designer Paddy McGrath

    Paddy spent 10 years in agency life working his way towards the top... and then looked down at the view and decided to take a leap into being freelance. He'd grown too far from the actual creativity. He couldn't control what his day looked like. He wanted to grow a beard. A really big beard. Through dedicated learning, taking action and, well, working 6 days a week - Superlogoboy is soaring to success.

  101. Thumb 1517084073 artwork

    Vlog Like A Boss - Amy Landino

    Hear how Amy went from being the person in town who knew about Facebook... to being a YouTuber, international speaker, video consultant and influencer. Look, when Gary Vaynerchuk is giving you a quote for the front of your book - you know you're doing something right.

  102. Thumb 1517084156 artwork

    People, Process, Product - Motion Designer Adrian Thompson

    Having started out as a freelance motion designer, creating videos in the San Francisco Bay area, Adrian realised all the things he didn't like about the industry and setting out to create a studio of his own that would change that. Putting people and process at the heart of his team's creations. From there he sought 'passive income' action, building digital products and thinks every freelancer should think about doing the same.

  103. Thumb 1517084250 artwork

    You're A Startup - UX Designer Katrin Suess

    Katrin has used life as a freelancer to travel from her native Germany and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Having founded her own Startups she now treats herself as the product, herself as the Startup. Katrin shares her journey and lessons learned in her work as a UX Designer and Startup mentor.

  104. Thumb 1517084301 artwork

    Career Reboot - Illustrator Kirk Wallace

    Having trained in computer science, Kirk came to realise it was the visual design of software and sites that he most enjoyed. So he rebooted his career - self-taught how to develop as an illustrator, designer and businessman. He shares his journey including the results of experiments with working space, social media and pricing.

  105. Thumb 1517083741 artwork

    6AM Side Projects - Femke van Schoonhoven

    Femke manages to fit in a lot alongside her full time remote design job. Freelance clients, a podcast, speaking, blogging, attending conferences, a social life and a cat. She shares her story: from New Zealand to Amsterdam, forming a 'studio' with her boyfriend, dispanding a studio with her boyfriend, growing in confidence, growing an audience. The power of connection. The power of reflection. Making goals. Making time. Listen. Just do it.

  106. Thumb 1517681117 artwork

    The Value of Value - Data Visualisation Specialist Andy Kirk

    In 2010 Andy started a blog exploring his passion for data visualisation. It led to a huge multi-national knocking on his door as his first client and that gave him the confidence to visualise life being freelance. Hear Andy discuss the pressures of pricing, knowing when to hire others and the value of writing books on your subject.

  107. Thumb 1536427434 artwork

    Creative Block - Illustrator Emma Block

    When a 16 year old Emma started sharing her artwork on her blog, she had no idea how quickly she'd turn from teenager to freelancer and ultimately from freelancer into 'influencer'! Hear the way she's diversified her income, copes with an RSI and shares tips on social marketing (including great success with Instagram Stories).

  108. Thumb 1536427550 artwork

    Taking The Plunge - Photographer Matt Porteous

    How does a builder from Jersey end up photographing a future King? Hear how Matt took the plunge, followed his passion, knocked on doors and took every job that came his way. Nowadays Matt's joined forces with other freelancers to form a studio that allows them to be creative and take on even more work. His passion for travel and underwater photography still shines through and it's all going swimmingly.

  109. Thumb 1536427505 artwork

    Blogging & Business Chops - Motion Designer Austin Saylor

    A year before he went freelance, Austin started blogging. Not only did it give him a space to document and reflect on his progress, but it brought him connections that referred him for work. Since then expanding his network through conferences has done the same. He continues to think big, experiment, grow and develop his business chops.

  110. Thumb 1516142182 artwork

    Instagram Changed My Life - Writer & Photographer Sara Tasker

    When Sara went on maternity leave it wasn't just her child that was born. A business was too. Her story shows what can happen when you find and connect with your people, with your audience. Her instagram followers have given her the ability to quit her 'day job' and follow her passion for photography and writing (and a whole lot more!)

  111. Thumb 1516142069 artwork

    Self Developer - Developer Sara Soueidan

    How do you go from having no idea of a career... to becoming Net Awards Developer of the Year? In just a couple of years?! For Lebanese freelancer Sara it's been a journey of self development as much as anything she's done for the web. Hear her story of learning, sharing, writing, speaking, teaching, creating... and then learning some more.

  112. Thumb 1536427601 artwork

    Portfolio Power - Illustrator & Designer Paddy Donnelly

    Paddy left agency life behind to satifsy a craving for creativity and diversity in his work. Dividing his time between home and co-work spaces, between client work and his own passionate side projects, all the time keeping his portfolio fresh.

  113. Thumb 1536427613 artwork

    AdWords With Yourself - Speech Writer Adrian Simpson

    A freelancer for many years, from magazine junior to TV presenter and wordsmith. Adrian shares his story from Top Gear to top wedding speech writer. Plus, how he invests in Google marketing to get himself found and third party reviews on his site to prove he's worth finding.

  114. Thumb 1536427628 artwork

    Start Up A Meetup - Developer Louise Swift

    Ful-stack web developer Louise didn't know any other freelancers... so she started a meetup. From that came confidence, fun, growth, friends, collaborations, work and even a business partner. Hear how she got started with the event, manages as part of a double header company and stays focused daily.

  115. Thumb 1536427655 artwork

    Creating Your Own Platform - Writer & Filmmaker Andrew White

    Freelancing for the best part of 20 years has seen Andrew go from filming anything corporate for money to shooting his passion and creating exactly the kind of content he wants to be known for, finding his own audience and building his own platform. With 'Walks Around Britain' he can choose his own path and enjoy the freelance opportunities that find him along the way.

  116. Thumb 1536427668 artwork

    Printing Profit - Pattern Designer Elizabeth Silver

    After a decade in New York, pattern designer Elizabeth swapped the city for the country and a regular job for being freelance. Despite her industry experience, it felt like starting all over with a new career. She shares her tips on marketing, diversifying her income streams and making it all with persistence.

  117. Thumb 1521705629 artwork

    Epic Mistakes - Developer Lee Jackson

    After going freelance, Lee went from undervaluing himself and ignoring his family... to building an agency and reclaiming his weekends. Learning from epic mistakes, facing his fears, nailing his niche and using podcasting to build his reputation and his business.

  118. Thumb 1536427717 artwork

    Worth The Risk - Journalist & Coach Janet Murray

    After starting out as a teacher, Janet made her dream of becoming a national press journalist a reality. Years later and now she's helping small businesses grow and get media attention as a PR coach. Full of ambition and a think it, do it attitude, Janet shares her story and tips on building a network and community from scratch with hard work, content marketing and risk taking.

  119. Thumb 1536427674 artwork

    Power Of The Network - Digital Marketer Ben Matthews

    From agency life to a freelance partnership with his wife that's seen him work with the likes of the UN. Ben's built a successful career on the back of his network and delivering great work. He shares his experience of controlling growth by steadily oustourcing work and dabbling with the digital nomad lifestyle.

  120. Thumb 1536427755 artwork

    Tweet Chat - Social Media Consultant Pippa Akram

    Pippa created a freelance social media business when she saw the need. The need of businesses local to her and the need of her family for her to have flexible hours. In amongst her story, 'Social Pip' shares her tips for using local or industry niche Tweet Chats to grow your network and business online. Plus we hear how she reigns in potenial growth to stay true to the reason she went freelance in the first place.

  121. Thumb 1516791894 artwork

    Content To Grow - Copywriter Kelly Gilmour-Grassam

    Having begun freelancing whilst still at university, Kelly realised if she was going to be doing this for the next 40 years then she needed a plan. She needed to build a business that would increase her income beyond her own billable hours and that would keep her enjoying it. Crowned young IPSE Freelancer Of The Year 2015, Kelly shares great freelance tips and insight as she outsourced, took on an employee, joined trade bodies and more so that her company 'Making You Content' was making her content as well.

  122. Thumb 1536427767 artwork

    Mused by Mouse - Graphic Designer Millie Cooper

    There's nothing quiet about this Mouse. Millie's love of graphic and web design is amplified by her passion for business itself. Millie shares great tips for using Instagram and LinkedIn to grow. Plus, from her base in Sydney, hear how she's built a remote team of freelancers around the world to help evolve 'Design By Mouse' even further.

  123. Thumb 1536427785 artwork

    Diversify - Digital Trainer Ben Halsall

    There's a lot in here: how Ben carved out a name for himself when moving to a new country; how he diversified his offering so he could be location independent and protected for the future; how he developed online training in various forms and uses YouTube for marketing and income.

    And yet through it all... with much honesty, admits he isn't always motivated at all.

  124. Thumb 1536427727 artwork

    Just Get On With It - Illustrator Sarah McIntyre

    How do you go from working for a Russian newspaper to creating successful picture books? By getting on with it! Sarah doesn't wait for things to happen, she makes them happen. Hear how she gets stuck in with communities on and offline, challenges herself, promotes herself and fights the corner for up and coming freelance illustrators too.

  125. Thumb 1536427744 artwork

    Flash Arghhhhh - Animator Timmy Allen

    When his band broke up, he learned Flash. When Flash was killed by Apple (arrrrghhh!), he taught himself After Effects. When his little girl came along, he started learning how to juggle freelancing and his family. Now, he's wondering what's next. In this episode Timmy shares great freelance tips on putting your work out there, nailing accurate time and budget estimates and being proactively creative to get new work with old clients.

  126. Thumb 1516055389 artwork

    Growing - Social Media Consultant Alison Battisby

    Alison began in social media at the beginning of social media itself, setting up the first Facebook pages for major brands. From within agencies, she sowed the seeds for a successful freelance career: now managing, training and speaking for a range of clients. Now those seeds have sprouted Avocado Social. As a brand she's growing in confidence, growing her team and growing her audience. Hear how she markets herself and Avocado and finally enjoys the fruits of her labour.

  127. Thumb 1517082725 artwork

    A Brush With Success - Illustrator Kyle T. Webster

    Kyle built up a successful career as a freelance illustrator for major advertising agencies and the likes of The New Yorker... and then he had kids. He soon realised he needed to create things on a bigger scale and that took him on a fascinating journey of trial and error with digital products of various kinds. Now, illustrators around the world create their work using his Adobe Photoshop brushes. See what you can draw from his experiences.

  128. Thumb 1536427834 artwork

    Got Your Triangle In Shape? - Photographer Phill Allen

    Hear how university lecturer 'Mister Phill' reluctantly photographed a wedding... and then another... and then... well, seven years later chats to us. His 'triangular' approach to client acquisition is really worth thinking about for your own freelance business.

  129. Thumb 1536427850 artwork

    Be Visible - Brand Strategist Kaye Putnam

    As a US military wife, being freelance suits Kaye perfectly. Wherever in the world she might find herself, she has the ability to work remotely with clients to help them build their brands. She shares really great tips on remote working, branding and how she's used content marketing to build her business.

  130. Thumb 1536427870 artwork

    Seriously Social - Digital Marketer Ian Anderson Gray

    How do you go from taking to a small stage in your home city to speaking at the world's largest social media conference in the US, just a year later? Hear from the Digital Marketer, Social Media Consultant, Speaker, Blogger and Web Developer that is Ian Anderson Gray. How he got seriously social about growing his business.

  131. Thumb 1536427885 artwork

    Smart Processes - Coach Emma Cossey

    Freelance writer turned career & life coach Emma takes us through automating her processes, creating online courses, hiring a VA and getting work done as a new mum. Plenty of freelance tips and a reminder that for all her content creation, it's those referrals that are key. Oh. And eating frogs.

  132. Thumb 1536427901 artwork

    Get Heard, Get Hired - Composer Akash Thakkar

    Akash shares the networking tip that speaks for itself in breaking him into the video games industry as a composer and sound designer. We also hear about mentors, pricing and how he's evolved his business to help other freelance composers as well.

  133. Thumb 1516434095 artwork

    Quality over Quantity - Copywriter Kaleigh Moore

    Hear Kaleigh's strategies on growing your business using Twitter, collecting social proof from clients, regularly raising rates, getting higher quality, higher paying clients and how she ended up writing for Entrepreneur and Inc. No thanks to the cat.

  134. Thumb 1536427844 artwork

    Your Stream Job - Illustrator Austen Marie

    What if the world could watch you while you worked? What if they paid to watch? What if they interacted with you so you didn't feel alone while working? What if they then paid you for work AND paid to watch you? That's pretty much where Twitch streamer/entertainer/illustrator Austen Marie finds herself. It looks like a lot of fun. But it's definitely still a job. It's a business.

  135. Thumb 1536427936 artwork

    Building A Future - Content Creator Ben Adam-Smith

    Ben's on a mission to make a difference to global warming and that's what drives his business. He's always taking stock of what he's done and planning his future. He's built a niche video content business serving the construction industry, laid the foundations to a membership site by building a successful podcast and soon aims to build his own house.

  136. Thumb 1536427883 artwork

    In Through the Outdoors - Writer Vivienne Crow

    Hear how a journalist with a passion for the outdoors and walking made her own route to being an award-winning Outdoor writer. With 18 books under her belt, she shares how she's found herself where she is today and the importance of joining a trade guild to her career, skills and sanity.

  137. Thumb 1536427963 artwork

    Product of Experience - UI UX Designer Mike Hince

    Redundancy helped push Mike into a freelance career. Since then he's evolved, learned, focused, launched his own products, developed his own personal brand and formed his own design studio... and yet still regularly questions whether being freelance is right for him. Why?

  138. Thumb 1536427910 artwork

    Stop In The Name Of GLove - Stop Motion Filmmaker Graham Love

    You're 17. One of your stop motion films goes viral. A major TV channel calls comissioning you to make one for them. What do you? Start university as planned, or seize the moment and begin a freelance career for some of the biggest brands and broadcasters? For Graham, all of his tiny precise filmic movements led to a sudden leap forward.

  139. Thumb 1536427998 artwork

    Remote Control - Copywriter Laura Glover

    London agency life was turning Laura into a zombie. Over long days were filled with meetings and politics instead of being creative. Now, she's carved out a remote freelance career. Out of the rat race, out of the city and into doing the work she loves. Finally, not only could she start her own business, but she could start her family too.

  140. Thumb 1536428013 artwork

    Etsy Bitsy Beginning - Branding Witch Kelly Brito

    Freelancing has enabled Kelly to work around her family doing something she loves. Starting by selling Wordpress themes on etsy, she now offers an evolving range of branding services in amongst a generous supply of free resources. From Brazil to a noisy New York City, we hear her story. And a few sirens. And planes. Drowned out by passion for her business.

  141. Thumb 1536428031 artwork

    Face To Face - Photographer Andy Barnham

    From an officer to a gentleman's go-to-freelance photographer. Andy left the army and soon found he had enough orders for capturing images of bespoke, tailor-made products, lifestyle and more. He shares his story on making a name for himself, making face-to-face connections and making his own magazine to create his dream work.

  142. Thumb 1536427977 artwork

    Keep Hitting Publish - Copywriter Amy Harrison

    "You have the chance to carve the career of your dreams, so dream!" Amy didn't just settle with regular copywriting gigs. She didn't just settle for speaking/training. She kept 'checking in on herself' and tweaking her career path. Today she hits publish on blogs, videos, podcasts and her own online course alongside client work she loves.

  143. Thumb 1536428182 artwork

    You're Not Alone - Designer Rachel Shillcock

    Rachel's found inspiration, support, friendship and even clients in the communities she's joined online. Be it through courses she's paid for, Twitter or private Facebook groups she's joined (or started!), she's realised you don't have to freelance alone. She shares her story: from finding her niche - the wake up call to her business, to finding herself in hospital - the wake up call to herself.

  144. Thumb 1536428196 artwork

    Drawn Out Start To Freelancing - Illustrator Kristian Duffy

    After struggling to find work after uni, with a year of bits, bobs and benefits, Kristian found the real benefits of a mentor, working for an established freelancer. Now, he balances 2 jobs. One with a full time employer, the other as his freelance career. His experience of breaking out in to his freelance dream is full of ups and downs. Lots to learn. Oh. And a daredevil cat.

  145. Thumb 1536428281 artwork

    The Sound of Freelance - Composer Jamie Salisbury

    Jamie went from gigging musician to composer for TV, film, games and stage. Here he shares how it's all played out so far: heading back to uni, collaborating over Skype, mangaging his own band, the passive income of library music and how getting his own studio scaled up his work load and kept his home in harmony.

  146. Thumb 1536428295 artwork
  147. Thumb 1536440674 artwork
  148. Thumb 1516175021 artwork

    Mann Made Opportunities - Presenter Olly Mann

    After a career freelancing behind the scenes in TV, Olly Mann has found himself in the media limelight. Found? Or put himself there? Olly's a writer for major publications, a national radio presenter, TV panelist and part of the podcasting elite. But how did all of these doors open for him? Not without knocking. And then pushing all of Olly Mann through.

  149. Thumb 1536440765 artwork

    Catch Up Part 2 - A Year Being Freelance

    After a year of the podcast Being Freelance... what's that 12 months actually been like being freelance for our very first guests? In this, the second of two special end of year episodes, Steve Folland chats to CSS consultant Harry Roberts and illustrator Jessica Morgan. Their challenges, their changes, their epiphanies, their year being freelance.

  150. Thumb 1536440777 artwork

    Catch Up Part 1 - A Year Being Freelance

    After a year of the podcast Being Freelance... what's that 12 months actually been like being freelance for our very first guests? In this, the first of two special end of year episodes, Steve Folland chats to photographer Tom Miles, designer Liz Elcoate and audio producer Chris Hollis. Their challenges, their changes, their epiphanies, their year being freelance.

  151. Thumb 1529011294 artwork

    Insta Freelance - Photographer Jordan Green

    Without Instagram would Jordan be shooting for some of the coolest fashion brands and bands around? A great mix of passion, talent, social media and social life has been the focus of his career. The question is: if you're a creative freelancer can you afford not to be 'social'?

  152. Thumb 1536440753 artwork

    Best Looking Freelancer In The World - Copywriter Joel Klettke

    Canadian copywriter Joel Klettke is focused on results. When it works for his clients it's working for him. He shares great tips on creating a successful freelance website, how he came to be a TEDx speaker and all whilst being the best looking man in the world.

  153. Thumb 1536440774 artwork

    Freelance Out Of The Box - TV Producer Jacqui Moore

    Over 25 years of being freelance for acclaimed TV and Live Event exec Jacqui Moore; this is a box-set of experience to binge on. She now helps mentor others in the industry, keeping pace with change and with New York.

  154. Thumb 1529011183 artwork

    From Russia With Linguistics - Illustrator Landysh Akhmetzyanova

    She trained as a Linguist. She worked as a Translator. She dreamt as an Illustrator. Eventually Landysh brought them together: co-founding Lingvistov, a Skype based language service which also allowed her illustrations to speak volumes in shouting about the business, so much so they've now become a product of their own.

  155. Thumb 1536440858 artwork

    Full Frontal Freelance - Developer Remy Sharp

    Remy Sharp's been freelance for nearly a decade and has never pitched for business: it comes to him. Find out how, plus great thoughts on being a freelancing dad, the story behind his Full Frontal conference and why having staff and an office simply isn't everything.

  156. Thumb 1516792294 artwork

    Freelancer Of The Year - Exhbitions Designer Rebecca Shipham

    5 years after redundancy abruptly introduced her to self employment, Rebecca Shipham was named IPSE Freelancer Of The Year. Hear how she succeeds in her niche, deals with isolation, finds confidence in trading as a company and how she now gives back to the next generation of creatives.

  157. Thumb 1536440806 artwork

    Freelance Marketing - Digital Designer Tim Brown

    Tim B designs and develops for local SME clients in his home city of Minneapolis. They all come thanks to the work he puts into establishing himself as a digital marketing authority both with blogging and podcasting. All that whilst refining his trade with work in an agency.

  158. Thumb 1536440892 artwork

    Freelance & The Family - Writer Franky Shanahan

    Both Franky and her husband are self employed. How do they make it work for their young family? Hear how Franky's blog 'Love Audrey' gave her the confidence and the connections to go freelance, how she balances work and kids and why it's important to question what it really means to be successful. Pass the biscuits!

  159. Thumb 1536440920 artwork

    Side Projects Are Investments - Script Writer Tim Clague

    Tim is a freelance storyteller. As a BAFTA nominated film maker, video creative and script writer, he sees 'side projects' as investments in his business: producing work you love should draw people you'd love to work with to you. This... is his story.

  160. Thumb 1536440935 artwork

    Don't Freak Out! - Strategist Louisa Heinrich

    Strategist, speaker, designer and instigator Louisa trades both as herself and as her company Superhuman Limited, travelling from her homes in Berlin and London to make a difference across the digital world. A long career from startups and agencies to big corporations and even governments has given her great insights to share so hopefully we won't freak out.

  161. Thumb 1536440959 artwork
  162. Thumb 1536440900 artwork

    Niche Queen - E-book Designer Janet Brent

    Janet quit her job in the US to travel the world. After finding herself she started finding clients as a freelance designer focused on e-books. From the slums of the Philippines she's emerged as the E-book Queen. Now back in the States, she's switched the advice of monks for mastermind mentors. Listen up: it's quite a journey!

  163. Thumb 1516373626 artwork

    Lifestyle Business - UX Consultant Paul Boag

    How do you become a leader in digital strategy? With 20 years experience as an employee, company director and freelancer who's figured out how to make his business work for his lifestyle. With great thoughts on work/life balance Paul also shares how he built up his incredible personal brand through content marketing with podcasts, videos, blogs, books... Hear what it's like creating and living in Boag World.

  164. Thumb 1536440982 artwork

    Invest In Yourself - Blogger & E-Book Writer Samar Owais

    Samar Owais arrived in Dubai. She knew her husband. She knew she could blog. What she didn't know, she's learned online, investing in courses that hone her writing and business skills. With great tips on working with clients in multiple time zones, plus the power of remote mentors and guest blogging.

  165. Thumb 1536440932 artwork

    Side Project Success - Data Designer Stefanie Posavec

    Stefanie has exhibited at top galleries, spoken at conferences around the world and designed book covers for heroes, but it's her passion projects that she does on the side that really make a difference to her success.

  166. Thumb 1536441022 artwork

    Mentor In The Mix - Voiceover & Imaging Producer Stevie Cripps

    How do you go from being a locksmith to being the voice of Radio 1? From house entries to House heroes? From working on people's doors to knocking on doors that opened up a world working with his dance music heroes. As a voiceover and in demand audio imaging producer to the world's biggest DJs, Stevie's business took off but he had to figure out how to run a business too. And when it all went a bit Pete Tong, he found help in a mentor.

  167. Thumb 1536441034 artwork

    Market, Market, Grow - Video Producer Neil Waddington

    Passionate about video production, at the start of the millenium Neil soon grew from being a freelancer to being a company owner. But when the recession hit he realised being good wasn't enough. He needed to be marketing his business. Having laid everyone off he set about growing again, but this time with lessons learned...

  168. Thumb 1536441050 artwork

    Copywriter Danny Margulies - Winning on Elance

    Danny Margulies quit his job. Next he wrote 'how to make money writing' into Google. Two days later he had his first client on freelance marketplace Elance. It's become his sole place for finding work. Fair to say, he's making more than enough money writing now.

  169. Thumb 1536441057 artwork

    Coach Ebonie Allard - From Breakdown To Breakthrough

    Freelancer Ebonie Allard went from TV to a successful Virtual Assistant business... until she broke under the strain. Hear how she went from breakdown to breakthrough and retrained as a coach to other self employed 'misfits'. Includes great insight into building a business via social media/blogging/email list.

  170. Thumb 1536441010 artwork

    Video Creator Olly Newport - First Job Freelance

    Olly Newport's a 20 year old camera op/video editor who has never been anything but freelance. Faced with a future of high univeristy fees he chose to take a film making passion into a freelancing career instead. Steve Folland discovers the challenges he's faced with a steep learning curve in business.

  171. Thumb 1536441104 artwork

    Animator Fraser Davidson - Creative Company

    Fraser Davidson is a BAFTA award winning director, animator and designer. He's been staff, he's been freelance and now he's a year into co-founding a company. He chats to Steve Folland about getting dream projects, getting paid and getting to run your own studio. Crafty and candid tips in here whatever field you work in.

  172. Thumb 1536441114 artwork

    Photographer Casey Gutteridge - Connections Create Business

    Photographer Casey Gutteridge doesn't just take pictures, he takes every opportunity to build his connections and that builds his business. Steve Folland chats to Casey and discovers how a local newspaper snapper ends up with leading entreprenneurs and royalty in the frame.

  173. Thumb 1536441129 artwork

    Blogger Kimberly Duran - Diversify Your Income

    What it’s like being freelance for blogger Kimberly Duran. How she balanced a successful blog with a full time job until the time was right to start officially being freelance. With great advice on blogging, diversifying your income, selling yourself and making and keeping an eye on your goals.

  174. Thumb 1536441139 artwork
  175. Thumb 1536441083 artwork
  176. Thumb 1536441177 artwork
  177. Thumb 1536441120 artwork

    Motion Designer Stu Denbigh - Find Your Mentor

    Steve Folland chats to Motion Designer & Creative Editor Stu Denbigh on taking a step back to move forward, continually improving, finding a mentor and cash-flow - all part of being freelance for 10 years.

  178. Thumb 1536441219 artwork

    CSS Wizard Harry Roberts - Developing Consultant Magic

    Steve discovers how CSS Wizardry's Harry Roberts went from secure staff job to in-demand consultant and international speaker. Great tips on self marketing, the importance of your own site's language to getting hired and the difference in being a freelance consultant.

  179. Thumb 1536441230 artwork

    TV Presenter Gema Enseñat - Find Your Specialism

    What it's like being freelance for presenter Gema Enseñat: going from secondary school teacher to TV host, announcer and blogger. Includes: finding your specialism and not letting finances run the show. Oh, and her dog.

  180. Thumb 1536441244 artwork

    Musician & Producer Chris Hollis - Email Strategy To Build Business

    This time, what it’s like being freelance for musician and producer Chris Hollis. Once a journalist for radio stations he switched to supplying them with jingles. His strategy of creating an 800 strong mailing list to launch his business has had a huge effect.

  181. Thumb 1536441189 artwork
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